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Set Your Sights on Summer Love

Summer love conjures images of moonlit walks on the beach, shared ice cream sundaes and weekend trips with your beau. In truth summer love is less of a circumstance than a mindset. We encourage you to get ready for the season by tuning your brain towards a ‘summer love mentality’ and take a break from the stress and anxiety you may have towards dating. Here a few tips from us to you that can help you set your brain for summer love.

1 – Write it Down

Mark your calendar, set reminders on your phone and change your lock screen. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just write down ROMANCE in big letters somewhere you are going to see it – maybe a post-it note on your mirror that you use in the morning. This is a great first step in readying your brain for your summer love.


2 – Document it

Take lots of photos! Solo or with your partner it’s important to document all your summer experiences so you can keep the memories forever, maybe even keep a journal that you can read to get ideas for next summer.


3 – Love your Alone Time

Summer love is about more than just you loving another person it’s about you loving yourself. Start a new hobby, join a club, take lessons in something new! Putting yourself out there is essential for a summer filled with the loving spirit.


4 – Be Spontaneous

Be flexible and spontaneous with your plans, don’t shy away from that last-minute getaway or romantic invitation for two. Summer is a time for the exciting and unplanned in life and with a little bit of spontaneity, you can turn your summer into a spiritual experience full of love.

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